Top CORE Deposits in August 2018

Here are the CORE deposits that were most downloaded  in August 2018.  All seven pamphlets in a series created for the June 2018 Radical Open Access conference feature in the top ten.

  1. Oscar Martinez-Peñate, El Salvador Sociología General. Book.
  2. Ayesha Majid, “Marketing strategy of Lenovo laptops.” Report.
  3. Kirsten Bell, Jill Claassen, Lena Nyahodza, Reggie Raju, Vaclav Stetka, Predatory Publishing, Pamphlet.
  4. Nicholas Rinehart, “Black Beethoven and the Racial Politics of Music History.” Article.
  5. Joe Deville, Samuel Moore, Tahani Nadim, The Commons and Care, Online publication.
  6. Janneke Adema, Kaja Marczewska, Frances McDonald, Whitney Trettien, The Poethics of Scholarship. Pamphlet.
  7. Maddalena Fragnito, Valeria Graziano, Sebastian Nordhoff, Competition and Cooperation. Pamphlet.
  8. Laurie Allen, Balázs Bodó, Chris Kelty, Guerrilla Open Access. Pamphlet.
  9. Denisse Albornoz, George (Zhiwen) Chen, Maggie Huang, Tasneem Mewa, Gabriela Méndez Cota, Ángel Octavio Álvarez Solís, The Geopolitics of Open. Pamphlet.
  10. Martina Franzen, Eileen Joy, Chris Long, Humane Metrics/Metrics Noir. Pamphlet.

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