Top CORE Downloads in September 2018

The top CORE downloads last month include a syllabus, a conference paper, books, and articles:

  1. Oscar Martinez-Peñate, El Salvador Sociología General. Book.
  2. Ayesha Majid, “Marketing strategy of Lenovo laptops.” Report.
  3. Nicholas Rinehart, “Black Beethoven and the Racial Politics of Music History.” Article.
  4. Linda Shaver-Gleason, “When #TimesUp for Musical Gods: The James Levine Scandal.” Conference paper.
  5. Geraldine Heng, “The Invention of Race in the European Middle Ages I: Race Studies, Modernity, and the Middle Ages.” Article.
  6. Moshe Blidstein, Purity, Community and Ritual in Early Christian Literature.  Table of contents, introduction, and conclusion of book.
  7. James McElvenny, “Ogden and Richards’ The Meaning of Meaning and Early Analytic Philosophy.” Article.
  8. John Brackett, “Examining Rhythmic and Metric Practices in Led Zeppelin’s Musical Style.” Article.
  9. Ilana Gershon, “Media Ideologies: An Introduction.” Article.

and tied for tenth:

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