Humanities Commons Groups Month Week 2!

We are now in week two of Humanities Commons Groups Month, a month dedicated to groups features, sharing work, networking, and building community. Each week features a quick challenge (only 5-10 minutes!) to familiarize you with groups and develop your online presence at the same time. Once you complete the challenge, share your progress with everyone with #HCGroups and tagging @humcommons! That way we can answer questions, direct folks to your work, and keep the conversation going.

Week 2 Challenge

Respond to a discussion post that somebody else began.

To complete this challenge, navigate to the Groups area of Humanities Commons, and either find a group you’re already a part of or join a new one. Once you’re in the group, click on the Discussion tab of the navigation bar (by default, it’s right next to Activity, the main page for most groups). Once there, respond to one of the discussion topics! Or, if there aren’t any, make a discussion topic of your own (that’s jumping ahead a bit to week 3, but you won’t lose points, promise!). Topics can be anything related to the group’s purpose: a pressing issue in a given field, a call for papers, an announcement of a major publication, etc.

Week 2 Group Admin Challenge

Change the group photo or cover image. If you like the one you already have, feel free to switch it back!

To complete this challenge, navigate to a group that you are an administrator for. Next, click Manage in the navigation bar. Once on the Manage page, you can click on Photo or Cover Image in order to change these elements of your group. Do the process again to change it back to the old Photo/Cover Image!

Week 1 Solutions

Get stuck last week? Or missed the challenges announcement? Not to worry, you can still complete them this week! Here they are, with instructions.

Invite three new members to a group.

Navigate to one of your groups. Check to see if you have the Send Invites menu item. (Group admins can limit who has the option to send invites, so you may not see it on all groups.) From the Send Invites page, you can invite existing Humanities Commons members to join the group.

The Send Invites screen

Alternatively, as long as the group is not a hidden group, you could send potential group members a link to the group via the Commons, e-mail, or social media.

Group Admin Challenge: Set a welcome message for your group that all new members will receive.

Navigate to a group where you are an administrator. Once there, click Manage on the navigation bar. Next, click the Email Options button. On that page, you can set a welcome e-mail that will go out to all new members who join your group!

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