April’s Most Downloaded Work in CORE

April’s top CORE downloads include an article on a short story by Hisaye Yamamoto and a sociological book on El Salvador.

  1. Brigitte Fielder, “Animal Humanism: Race, Species, and Affective Kinship in Nineteenth-Century Abolitionism.” Article.
  2. Nicholas Rinehart, “Black Beethoven and the Racial Politics of Music History.” Article.
  3. Oscar Martinez-Peñate, El Salvador Sociología General. Book.
  4. Ilana Gershon, “Media Ideologies: An Introduction.” Article.
  5. Titus Stahl, “What is Immanent Critique?” Article.
  6. Ayesha Majid, “Marketing strategy of Lenovo laptops.” Report.
  7. Sergio Cigada, Études sur le Symbolisme, edited by Marisa Verna. Book.
  8. David Bawden, “The Dark Side of Information: Overload, Anxiety and Other Paradoxes and Pathologies.” Article.
  9. Liam Hogan, Laura McAtackney, Matthew Reilly, “The Irish in the Anglo-Caribbean: Servants or Slaves?” Article.
  10. Cynthia Wu, “Asian American Feminism’s Alliances with Men: Reading Hisaye Yamamoto’s ‘Seventeen Syllables’ as an Antidraft Tract.” Article.