Top CORE Deposits of October 2019

The most downloaded CORE deposits in October 2019 included books, articles, and five syllabi—on topics ranging from American horror films to women’s medical writing:

  1. James Gifford, Modernism. Syllabus.
  2. Caitlin Duffy, EGL 194: Intro to Film. Syllabus.
  3. Edith Hall, The Return of Ulysses: A Cultural History of Homer’s Odyssey. Book.
  4. Ilana Gershon, “Media Ideologies: An Introduction.” Article.
  5. Ayesha Majid, “Marketing strategy of Lenovo laptops.” Report.
  6. Anastasia Salter, Introduction to Texts & Technology. Syllabus.
  7. Titus Stahl, “What is Immanent Critique?” Article.
  8. Rebecca Ruth Gould, Theorising Violence: Colonial Encounters and Anticolonial Reactions. Syllabus.
  9. Oscar Martinez-Peñate, El Salvador Sociología General. Book.
  10. Krista Roberts, Women Medical Writers/Writing Women’s Medicine. Syllabus.